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Iris and the Giant © Louis Rigaud | Goblinz Studio

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Recent Projects

Iris and the Giant

Iris and the Giant

Music & Sound Effects

Louis Rigaud | Goblinz Studio
Iris and the Giant on Steam
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Iris and the Giant is a beautiful fusion of roguelike, card game and role playing genres. I created the game’s music and sound effects.



Original Music

Currently in early access, Keplerth combines crafting, building and exploration into an endlessly generated world. I’ve been writing multiple music tracks for the game’s newly expanded soundtrack.

Scoundrel Game


Music & Sound Effects

Bullish Games

I’m currently working on Scoundrel, a 2D pixel-art stealth game with rogue-lite elements that’s currently in development by Bullish Games.



Dynamic Combat Music

Blueteak | Alvios Inc.
QuiVr on Steam

QuiVr is the definitive VR archery experience. I’ve been working on combat music for the game and prototyping a dynamic music system.


Combat Music Layers

Chronish Games
Buy Remnith on Steam

Remnith is a chaotic first person shooter where enemies increase in strength with every missed shot. For Remnith’s dynamic music system, I created a looping track across eight intensity levels.

Flood VR

Flood VR

Music & Sound Design

Flood is a virtual reality performance piece in which the audience witnesses a motion captured theatrical performance and experiences a city submerged by water.

About Me

I’m John Leonard French, a video game composer, audio designer & digital asset publisher

I write custom music for games, I make sound effects and I build game audio and music systems.

Right now I’m making music and sounds for Scoundrel, a stealth based rogue-lite and Keplerth, a popular exploration and crafting game in early access. My recent work includes QuiVr and Remnith for VR, mobile titles Tumble Will and Fragger 2 and many others, including selected tracks for the superhero MMO Valiance Online.

My music products are used by developers all over the world, in games such as the hugely popular Survive wilderness survival simulator and the trailer for Ludic Studio’s debut title, The Keeper.

I often use game development engines, particularly Unity, and audio tools to build game audio systems as well as create content, such as QuiVr’s dynamic combat music system and Ambisonic soundscapes for Virtual Reality.

I’ve been delivering a series of classes on game music composition and integration at Ravensbourne University College in London for the last three years. In 2016, I was invited back to my former University, to give a talk about getting into the games industry.

I live in Norfolk, in the United Kingdom, with my wife, our daughter and a dog.

John Leonard French

Contact Me

If you’d like me to work on your your project, if you have a question about one of my products or if you just want a chat email [email protected]

For product support enquiries, you can also try my product support page