video game composer & sound designer

I’m John Leonard French, a video game composer & audio designer

I write custom music for games, create sound effects and build game audio and dynamic music systems

Right now I’m making music and sounds for Scoundrel, a stealth based rogue-lite and QuiVr, an archery tower defence game for VR.

My recent work includes music and sound effects for Tumble WIll, layered combat music for the VR shooter Remnith and several tracks for the Superhero MMO Valiance Online.

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Original Music

Currently in early access, Keplerth combines crafting, building and exploration into an endlessly generated world. I’ve been writing multiple music tracks for the game’s newly expanded soundtrack.

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Music & Sound Effects

Bullish Games

I’m currently working on Scoundrel, a 2D pixel-art stealth game with rogue-lite elements that’s currently in development by Bullish Games.


Dynamic Combat Music

Blueteak | Alvios Inc.
QuiVr on Steam

QuiVr is the definitive VR archery experience. I’ve been working on combat music for the game and prototyping a dynamic music system.

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Combat Music Layers

Chronish Games
Buy Remnith on Steam

Remnith is a chaotic first person shooter where enemies increase in strength with every missed shot.

For Remnith’s dynamic music system, I created a looping track across eight intensity levels.

Tumble Will

Music & Sound Effects

Tumble Will is an endless runner mobile game on iOS and Android. I created themed music loops for levels and sound effects for the user interface, obstacles and pickups.

Valiance Online

Additional Music

Silverhelm Studios
Play Valiance Online

Valiance Online is a superhero MMO in development by Silverhelm Studios. I created additional title and menu music, combat themes and area ambiences.

Fragger 2

Original Music

Harold Brenes

I wrote themed level music and title themes for Fragger 2, which brings new puzzles and gameplay mechanics to the popular series.

Kung Pow Panda

Original Music

For Kung Pow Panda, I created looping tracks for the main theme, a gameplay loop and swamp and castle themed levels.

About Me

John Leonard French
My childhood was a mix of playing guitar, making music and messing around in video game editors. It probably makes sense that I ended up writing music for games.

Since studying music at Canterbury University I’ve worked on over 30 film and game projects. Recently I’ve created music for mobile titles Tumble WIll, Kung Pow Panda and Eons Lost: Arrival. I’ve also been working on Remnith, a chaotic VR shooter, music and sounds for a first person horror game that’s still in development and Scoundrel, a 2D stealth game with rogue-lite elements. My licensed music is used by developers all over the world, including the hugely popular Survive wilderness survival simulator and the trailer for Ludic Studio’s impressive debut title, The Keeper.

I have experience working with game development engines and audio tools such as Unity, Unreal, Fmod and Wwise. I’ve been delivering a series of classes on game music composition and integration at Ravensbourne University College in London for the last three years. In 2016, I was invited back to my former University, to give a talk about getting into the games industry. I live in Norfolk, in the United Kingdom, with my wife, our daughter and a dog.

Contact Me

If you’d like to discuss a project, get a demo track or for anything else, please contact me using the form below, or you can email [email protected].