Pages on this website and some of my YouTube video descriptions may include affiliate links, meaning that, if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

In the interest of being transparent, this page lists any affiliate programs I take part in and my personal policy on when I do and do not link, so that you can know what to expect when using this site or viewing my videos.

My policy on affiliate links

Why I use affiliate links

I use affiliate links to support the running of my blog and my Youtube channel, so that I can continue to make content and articles for free.

When I will use an affiliate link

Because this is my personal blog and because I have a strict policy on when I’m willing to use an affiliate link, you won’t see very many affiliate links on my site.

I’ll only use an affiliate link when all of the below is true:

  • I genuinely believe in the value of the product or the service that I’m linking to
  • I either use it myself or I would be happy to personally recommend it
  • I believe that the product is actually relevant to you and the content you’re reading / watching

When I won’t use affiliate links

I often won’t use an affiliate link, even when linking to services with affiliate programs that I’m participating in.

I won’t use an affiliate link if:

  • I don’t believe in the value or relevance of the service or product
  • It’s not relevant or appropriate to use an affiliate link (for example in my support pages)
  • If you wouldn’t expect it to be an affiliate link (for example on my product pages)

I only use affiliate links to directly support my blog content so I don’t believe that it’s appropriate to use affiliate links anywhere else on my site.

This means that if you’re using my product support pages or reading about a game I’ve worked on, or are viewing my rates page or doing literally anything else on my website, other than reading my blog content, you shouldn’t expect to see an affiliate link.


When I do use affiliate links, I’ll always make it clear to you by posting a disclaimer on the page or next to link itself.

Affiliate programs I participate in

Unity Asset Store affiliate links

I’m a member of the Unity Asset Store Affiliate Program and I use affiliate links to promote certain Unity assets alongside some of my video tutorials and blog posts.

The Assets or events that I promote are always my choice (no-one pays me to promote their assets for them). The assets I promote may include my own assets or sometimes other publishers’ assets on the Unity Asset Store if I feel that they’re useful to you and if I would be happy to recommend them. You will generally only find Unity affiliate links in or alongside Unity focussed articles. I do not link from my product pages or support pages.

Amazon Associate affiliate links

I participate in the Amazon Associates affiliate program which I use to link to physical products that I use or recommend. As a result I may earn money on qualifying purchases linked from this site.

I’ll usually  only link to products that I actually own and would recommend. If a page contains Amazon affiliate links you’ll see a notice on the page.