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Humble Unity Bundle (2018): Music Licensing FAQ’s

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This article relates to the 2018 Humble Unity Bundle, if you came here looking for a link to the 2019 bundle use this link.

Ultimate Game Music is in the Humble Unity Bundle !! Where you can also get a ton of other great Unity Assets, including Universal Sound FX, Inventory Pro and Gaia for a fraction of the usual cost.

Plus, it’s all for a good cause with a chunk of the profits going to charity.

Many of you have been in touch with questions about licensing and usage so I’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below. For a more detailed FAQ, please try my dedicated support page.

Humble Bundle and the Ultimate Game Music Collection: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Before continuing please note that the Ultimate Game Music Collection, when purchased in the Humble Unity Bundle, is provided by Unity via the Unity Asset Store. This means that the terms of your licence are subject to the Asset Store EULA, and not by me. Whilst I’m happy to offer advice about the licence, I can only provide information as far as I understand it. For official support on the terms of your purchase please refer to the Unity Asset Store EULA.

Can I use the music in commercial games?

Yes you can.

Please see this post for more information:

Can I use the music in other game engines?

Yes you can.

Please see this post for more information:

Can I use the music in videos or on YouTube?

Yes you can.

Can I use the music in podcasts?

My understanding is that yes you can do this, with the use falling under the definition of media. Please refer to the Asset Store EULA to be sure or contact Unity directly at [email protected].

I can’t download / import the package in Unity

This is a rare issue with large assets in Unity and is not a specific issue with the asset itself. It’s easy to fix, please refer to my support page for more information.

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