Sun Temple Audio Project Unity

Unity Audio Tutorial Series: Adding Sounds to the Sun Temple

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In a new series of tutorials I’ll be bringing the Sun Temple to life with audio and music. This stunning environment asset, by Sandro T, is free on the Unity Asset Store but has no sound whatsoever.

Join me as I create music and audio assets for the whole (giant) scene and integrate them into the Unity project. Everything I create will use free asset, free software or will be shared for free, for you to use in your own projects.

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Part 1: Fire Sounds

In this first video, I set up the Sun Temple scene and create FIRE! …sounds using freely available library sounds and Audacity, which I then add to all of the fire objects in the scene.

Watch Part 1 Now

Part 2: Environment Sounds & Audio Zones

Coming soon (March 2019).

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