Product Support

Please Note: The information below applies to my stock music products only, for example: my products on the Unity Asset Store, Unreal Marketplace and sold directly via Gumroad. Specific licence terms may vary between vendors. This information is provided as a guide. Please check your EULA for details or contact me using the form above if you have any questions.

Ultimate Game Music Collection Support

Purchasing from the Unity Asset Store

The Ultimate Game Music Collection at over 4GB (compressed) is a large package and as a result a very small number of users have experienced issues downloading and importing the package. If you experience an issue downloading or importing the pack, please see the advice below for a possible solution, alternatively you can contact me at [email protected].

Please be aware that this is not a technical fault with the asset or its contents, it is only to do with the large size of the package. Unity staff have advised that, although very rare, other large packages have experienced similar issues simply because of their size.

IMPORTANT: I don’t represent Unity, so I can’t guarantee advice that relates specifically to Unity software or their technologies. I will always help however I can so if you’re having any difficulties downloading or importing one of my products then please contact me. For official support for the Unity Editor or the Unity Asset store, please contact Unity directly.

For any other enquiries or support relating to the contents of the package please contact me directly or alternatively, if you’re having an issue with one of my products and are unsure who best to contact, contact me and if I can’t help personally, with your permission, I will raise a support ticket with Unity on your behalf.


If you have an issue downloading the package, Unity have previously advised that users ensure that they have sufficient disk space, more than is required for the pack, and a stable internet connection. If the download is getting stuck you may wish to try logging out of your account and closing Unity before retrying the download.


When importing, Unity will decompress the asset package file after which you will see the contents and import options. Decompressing and Importing can take some time, as long as 10-20 minutes due to the asset size, and during this time Unity will lock, which is normal. If the asset fails to import, but has been downloaded, then the asset package will be available in a common assets folder on your computer. From here it can be manually imported into your project by dragging the package file in to the asset panel. If this does not solve your issue, you may also wish to try importing the asset into a new project or alternatively downloading the package again.

To Find Your Assets Folder:

MAC OS X: ~/Library/Unity/Asset Store

(select “Go” from the finder menu, hold “alt” and select “Library”)

WINDOWS: C:\USERS\username\AppData\RoamingUnity\Asset Store

IMPORTANT: Please note that the very few users that have experienced these issues have been able to resolve them by using these methods, however I advise that you backup your project before doing so, use a blank project or contact Unity for Official support.

If you’re in any doubt, don’t risk your project, contact me or Unity directly.

Using Unity Assets in Unreal and other game engines.

Generally speaking, it is ok to use Unity Assets, including my music products in Unreal and other game engines – more information.

If You’re Still Experiencing an Issue

Please Contact Me and I’ll help in some other way.

In the week, during working hours (I’m in the UK) you can usually expect a reply the same day, otherwise I’ll try to answer all emails as soon as I can.

Official Support from Unity

Asset Store FAQ:

Unity Contact (General):

Unity Asset Store Support: [email protected]

Product Use & Licensing FAQs

What can I do with this music?

Generally speaking, you can use the music in games, videos, films, trailers and other media. So long as the music is used ‘in sync’ with visual images, e.g. the background music for a game.

For other, non-visual, uses such as podcasts, this is usually allowed, so long as the music forms part of a larger product, for example, it’s played behind speech or other audio, where the other audio is the focus of the product. Please feel free to contact me if you’re unsure if your intended use of the music is not covered.

Please Note: The terms of your licence are set out in the EULA of the vendor you purchased the package from. Your use of the music must adhere to the terms set by your vendor. Their terms may be subject to change, may differ from the advice offered here or may include platform specific information so please be sure to check your specific EULA using the following links:


Unity Asset Store EULA:

Unreal Marketplace EULA:

Please note that my music and audio assets are only sold on the Unity Asset Store, Unreal Marketplace or directly from me via Gumroad.

What can’t I do, are there any restrictions?

You cannot redistribute or resell the music itself, either for profit or for free, in any form. Examples of this include selling the music in other music packs, giving or sub-licensing the music to other people to use in their games or selling the music as an accompanying soundtrack (see soundtracks below). You also can’t submit the music to Content ID services, royalty collection services or any activity that can only be performed by the copyright holder.

If you’re unsure about what your licence permits you to do with the music, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I’ve used this music in my game, can I also sell the music as my game’s soundtrack, or give it away as a crowdfunding reward?

You cannot sell or give away the music as part of a soundtrack product. This is because the licence you get is usually a form of synchronisation licence, meaning that the music must be in the background of something else (such as a game, or a video).

Will I get Content ID warnings on YouTube if I use this music? What about gameplay videos or streaming?

You should never get copyright claims when using my music on YouTube. None of my stock music has been, or ever will be, entered into the Youtube Content ID system by me, or to any other service that may do so on my behalf. Such services are typically unsuitable for stock music, particularly in games, so you shouldn’t get copyright claims on videos. In the unlikely event that you experience an issue, such as a false positive or a mistaken copyright claim, then please see my dedicated YouTube policy here: , for guidance on what you can do to resolve it, or contact me for assistance.