Ultimate Game Music Collection

[Resolved] Unreal Marketplace Customers Using Unreal Engine 4.15.3 or Lower (Ultimate Game Music Collection Only)

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Update: 28th Dec, 2017. The updated package is now live.

The package has been updadted to support older Unrealy engine versions (as low as 4.10).
Any users still experiencing an issue can email me at [email protected] for support.

Update: 23rd Dec, 2017. An update has been submitted and is pending approval to resolve this issue.

Until the update is live, the package will not be available for engine versions 4.15.3 or lower. Customers wishing to use the package with these engine versions can still purchase the collection, but will not be able to add it to 4.15.3 projects or lower until the update is live. Customers who have already purchased the collection and are affected by this issue can email [email protected] for support.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Unreal Marketplace customers using Unreal Engine 4.15.3 or lower may experience an issue when installing the Ultimate Game Music Collection. Asset appears to contain empty folders.

This is due to engine version incompatibility with the submitted file, a compatible asset package is being prepared and uploaded. Affected users can expect the issue to be resolved shortly.

Please Note:

  • My other available packages are not affected by this issue and are compatible with v4.10 and later.
  • This issue does not affect other assets in the project.
  • This issue does not affect customers using editor v4.16 or newer.
  • This issue does not affect the package on other platforms.

Once the updated package is live, users will be able to overwrite their existing installation with the new files from the Epic Games Launcher Dashaboard. The add to project function should trigger a fresh download, based on the version number of the project, however if this is not the case, please clear the vault cache and re-download.

For support enquiries, please contact me at [email protected] or send me a message.