Ultimate Game Music Collection

[Resolved] Issue Affecting Ultimate Game Music Collection v1.7 (Unreal Marketplace only)

In Product Updates by John

This issue has now been resolved. New imports of the asset will now be organised correctly. Any existing installations can be manually fixed using the guidance below or re-imported to the project. My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I’ve been made aware that the latest update to the Ultimate Collection on the Unreal Marketplace has caused some duplicate folders to be created in the root folder of the asset. This is due to a folder structure change since the last update, meaning that the old content has been included alongside the updated content.

If you’ve recently purchased the Ultimate Collection or added it to a project since the update, don’t worry you’ll still get all of the included content, just with a few extra folders as well, containing some duplicate files from the previous version of the pack.

To clarify the root folder ‘Ultimate_Game_Music_Collection’ should only contain two folders: ‘Content’ (which contains audio files) and ‘Cues’ (which contains audio cues). Inside these folders will be all the subfolders of the collection, music categories etc. all containing either audio files or cues.

If there are any other folders in the root folder of the asset, then these are from the old version of the asset. You’ll be able to tell these apart as they will contain a mix of audio files and cues. They are duplicates, so it’s ok to delete them. It’s also fine to use them of course, but the newest content will only be available in the ‘Content’ and ‘Cues’ folders and their subfolders.

I’m currently replacing the file version to resolve this minor issue, I hope it hasn’t caused you any confusion.

In the meantime, if you need anything then please let me know and I’ll be happy to help.