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Planned Price Change: Ultimate Game Music Collection

In Product Updates by John

This is an advance notice that I will soon be raising the price of the Ultimate Game Music Collection across all marketplaces.

Why am I raising the price?

When I first created the collection, I wanted to provide an affordable, comprehensive library of music that developers could use in just about any game that they were making. I released version 1.0 in June 2015 and it was huge, containing over 1.5GB of game music, with 90 tracks to choose from.

Since then the Ultimate Game Music Collection has gone on to become one of the most popular and highly rated music assets on the Unity Asset Store.

I also promised that the collection would get bigger and that I would release regular free updates.

It definitely got bigger…

When the newest update (version 1.8) goes live later this month the collection will contain over 200 unique tracks, loops and musical cues. That’s a whopping 4GB of audio, more than double that of the original release.

I’ve also been working hard to make the pack better…

I’ve been reinvesting my earnings from the Ultimate Collection to make it much, much better, by spending significantly more time on each track and raising the standard of quality of every update (the latest update has been six months in the making). Whilst my goal is the same as it was three years ago, to provide a varied music library at an affordable price, I know that you only want the absolute best music you can get for your game.

I know that you’d rather have 200 great tracks that 400 mediocre ones and so, to keep doing that, I need to raise the price a little.

The price change will take effect at some point in the next few weeks in line with the 1.8 update. Remember, the price change does not affect you if you’ve already purchased the collection. Everyone gets free updates, forever no matter when they purchased.


If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, please contact me.

Are updates still free?

Yes! Absolutely. Anyone who owns the pack will get every update, for free, forever. If you purchase the collection before the price increase, you’ll still receive all of the new content for free when the next update goes live.

Will the price go up again?

Not in the near future, no. I’ve deliberately kept my prices stable for a long time and I intend to keep doing that.

When will the price go up?

There’s not an exact date because the update will go live on different marketplaces at different times, however, it will be within the next few weeks.