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Casual Game Music Vol.1
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The Casual Game Music Pack is a compact collection of background music and title themes written especially for fun, casual games. Vol. 1 includes plucked strings, harps, bassoon, marimba, and percussion as well as win and lose cues, score counter sound effects, combo scales and sets of sounds for games with three star scoring systems for a complete audio solution.


  • 9 Original tracks
  • 3 win and lose cues
  • 2 three star scoring sound sets
  • 2 combo scales
  • 3 drumloops with Lo Fi edits
  • 4 score counter SFX

On the Unreal Marketplace Casual Game Music Vol.1 is included in a bundle package with Vol.2.

Casual Game Music Vol.1 is included in the Ultimate Game Music Collection.

Product Details

  • Num. Tracks:9
  • File Format:16bit / 44.1 Khz WAV
  • Includes Loops:Yes
  • Track List:View PDF