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Create Fear…

Complete Horror is a professional music library created exclusively for game developers. It features a wide selection of ambient textures, loops and scares designed to create tension, atmosphere and fear in horror games.


  • Premium Quality Audio
  • Wide Variety
  • Uniquely Designed
  • Seamless loops

Create Fear

Complete Horror includes a large selection of dark, ambient looping textures that are perfect for creating atmosphere, tension and fear. Each track is uniquely designed, using high quality instruments, recordings and synthesis. Drop one in a scene to prototype musical ideas instantly or use several to create an evolving soundtrack.

Create Narrative

Use the provided musical cues to create story and narrative. Tracks include dissonant piano, creepy music boxes, mysterious melodies and a demonic choir piece to give your game unique character.

Create Danger

When atmosphere and tension are no longer enough, Complete Horror includes a range of danger tracks featuring drums, synths and hard-limited textures.

Scare Your Player

Complete Horror features 20 one-shot cues to scare, unsettle and otherwise disturb your players. From short sharp jumps to long terrifying moments, there’s a sound for every scare.

Add Realism

Included with Complete Horror are a number of bonus audio effects, designed to add realism and polish to your project. Tracks include audio ambience for a draughty, empty house, rain and thunder, paranormal whispering and a heartbeat loop in four tempos (from calm to terrified).

Complete Horror is also included in the Ultimate Game Music Collection.

Product Details

  • Num. Tracks:51
  • File Format:16bit / 44.1 Khz WAV
  • Includes Loops:Yes
  • Track List:View PDF