Game Music Rates

Rates for original game music commissions

Non-Exclusive Licence

  • Unlimited use
  • Exclusive for 6 months

$295 / min

Individual commissions

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Work for Hire

  • + Full ownership
  • + Soundtrack use

$395 / min

Individual commissions

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Work for Hire +

  • + Optional stems
  • + Quad mixing

$495 / min

Individual commissions

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Minimal Orchestral

Production Music


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Original Music


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Original Music / Trailer Music


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Title Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your music safe to use on YouTube?

Yes, all of my music, including my original soundtracks and music products, is safe to use on YouTube. For more information, see my YouTube Policy.

Is your music royalty-free?

Yes, my music is royalty-free, in that you won't pay additional fees for using my commissioned music or music products.

What about performance royalties?

Public performance royalties usually don't apply to video game music, however a recent agreement between Sony and the PRS means that public performance royalties may be due when selling a game on the digital Playstation store in the EU. Public performance royalties only apply to the broadcaster, which means that even if a royalty is due, the broadcaster is the one who pays it, in this case Sony, not you.

What is the Work for Hire + option?

The Work for Hire + option includes additional exports of instrument group stems and/or four channel surround mixing.

Do you build music systems?

Yes, if you're working in Unity, I can build you a dynamic music system as part of your soundtrack, contact me for a quote.

What's the difference between Non-Exclusive Licence and Work for Hire?

This relates to who owns the music. Normally, video game music is produced on a work for hire basis, where the studio gets full ownership of the music. Providing music under a licence instead lowers the cost, as the music may be resold elsewhere at a later date. Non-exclusive music will be exclusive to only you for the first six months. During this time you can choose to upgrade the licence to a work for hire agreement.