My Rates for Custom Game Music & SFX (2021)

I'm often asked how much I charge for original music for games, so I've written the rate card below, simply to make it easier to discuss cost options with clients. I'm always happy to agree costs on a case by case basis so, if there's a custom agreement that would suit you better, please let me know.

Below are my base charges for original music, per minute of finished music.

Music Rates

Original Music
(exclusive licence)

per minute of music

Exclusive licence to use in a game, project or video.

  • Exclusive to you
  • Cannot sell as a soundtrack / OST product

Original Music
(work for hire)

per minute of music

Full ownership is signed over to you (copyright buyout)

  • Ownership is signed over to you
  • Can sell as a soundtrack / OST product

Sound Design & Integration Rates

Sound Design

for a quote

Custom SFX & sound design

  • Based on the number of sounds required
  • Created exclusively

Music Integration

for a quote

Music integration & system design

  • Dynamic music design and development
  • Usually free with my other services

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