Free Game Audio Assets for Subscribers

  • 35 music loops & tracks to use in your projects
  • 50 free sound effects for your game
  • game audio tips & tutorials

Your free game audio pack

what’s included…

Ultimate Game Music - Production Music Library for Game Developers

25 Tracks from Ultimate Game Music

Ultimate Game Music is the definitive production music library for game developers, featuring more than 200 game-ready music tracks, loops and short cues, ready to drop into any project.

+ 10 Extra Tracks

10 bonus game music tracks, that aren’t available in Ultimate Game Music, including my newest track, Encryption, which is only available to subscribers.

+ 50 Free Sound Effects

A selection of game-ready sound effects from my Western Saloon audio demo, free for you to use in your project today, including…

  • 14 door & window sounds
  • 5 environmental sound effects
  • 17 footsteps (wood & sand)
  • 24 mixed object sounds

+ Articles, Game Audio Tips, Tutorials & Free Game Audio Assets Monthly

You’ll get regular audio and music assets to use in whatever you’re working on, first access to my newest products and exclusive audio not available anywhere else.

You’ll also get game audio tutorials, tips and articles, like this one, as well as occasional news stories about the projects I’m working on.

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