Subscriber Freebies: What You’ll Get

Subscribe to my game audio mailing list and you’ll get exclusive free music and audio assets to use in your game projects as well as useful tutorials and articles and occasional news about the projects I’m working on.

You’ll immediately get my free game audio sample pack and you’ll also get exclusive, audio assets, that you can use in your game, before they’re released anywhere else.

What’s in the sample pack?

Everything listed below is available to new and existing subscribers.

11 Tracks from Ultimate Game Music

A selection of my favourite tracks from the hugely popular Ultimate Game Music. Including:

Arcane Trailer, Barren Dungeon Loop, Christmas Verse Loop (without melody), Enemies Loop, Enemy Territory Synth Loop, Ethnic Textures Loop, Open Exploring, Pizz Menu Loop, Planet Title Loop, Playful Loop, Space Station Slow Loop.

3 Tracks from Complete Horror

A sample of tracks from my newest audio library Complete Horror. Including:

Rising Danger Loop, Synth Ambience Loop, Choir Ambience Loop

Encryption: Subscriber Exclusive

My newest track, Encryption, is currently only available to subscribers. You’ll get:

Encryption Trailer, Encryption Ambient Loop

Plus More Free Game Music & Audio, Every Month

You’ll get regular audio and music assets to use in whatever you’re working on, first access to digital assets and exclusive audio not available anywhere else.

All for free

You’ll also get tutorials, articles and occasional news stories about the projects I’m working on.

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