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Music for every idea

Develop ideas and finish game projects faster, with Ultimate Game Music, a huge library of background music for games.

  • Massive 4GB collection, 200+ unique tracks
  • Unique variety to choose from, for every game idea
  • Regular free updates with fresh, undiscovered sounds

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Audio Examples

Casual & Mobile

Bright, colourful, happy background music that’s optimised for small, mobile speakers and suitable for all kinds of casual games, apps and puzzles.

  • John Leonard French
    Pizz Menu Preview
    John Leonard French Pizz Menu Preview
    149. Pizz Menu
  • John Leonard French
    Playful Loop Preview
    John Leonard French Playful Loop Preview
    190. Playful Loop
  • John Leonard French
    Jungle Two Preview
    John Leonard French Jungle Two Preview
    128. Jungle Two
  • John Leonard French
    Platform Action Preview
    John Leonard French Platform Action Preview
    015. Platform Action


Horror background music and ambience, including unsettling ambient tracks, suspense music and jump scares.

  • John Leonard French
    Creepy Ambience Preview
    John Leonard French Creepy Ambience Preview
    157. Creepy Ambience
  • John Leonard French
    Synth Ambience Preview
    John Leonard French Synth Ambience Preview
    198. Synth Ambience
  • John Leonard French
    Slow Danger Preview
    John Leonard French Slow Danger Preview
    197. Slow Danger
  • John Leonard French
    Whispering Effect Preview
    John Leonard French Whispering Effect Preview
    207. Whispering Effect

Themed Locations

Tracks and loops for specific locations, such as churches, villages, taverns and even western background music.

  • John Leonard French
    Western Loop Preview
    John Leonard French Western Loop Preview
    144. Western Loop
  • John Leonard French
    Tavern Loop Preview
    John Leonard French Tavern Loop Preview
    083. Tavern Loop
  • John Leonard French
    Dark Jazz Club Preview
    John Leonard French Dark Jazz Club Preview
    139. Dark Jazz Club
  • John Leonard French
    Choir Ambience Preview
    John Leonard French Choir Ambience Preview
    191. Choir Ambience

Ambience & Open World

Ambient music for open world games and exploration. Includes extended tracks, with long edits and minimal instrumentation to set a subtle tone.

  • John Leonard French
    Barren Ambience Preview
    John Leonard French Barren Ambience Preview
    129. Barren Ambience
  • John Leonard French
    Frozen Ambience Preview
    John Leonard French Frozen Ambience Preview
    141. Frozen Ambience
  • John Leonard French
    Surreal Darkness Preview
    John Leonard French Surreal Darkness Preview
    152. Surreal Darkness
  • John Leonard French
    Very Sparse Piano Preview
    John Leonard French Very Sparse Piano Preview
    173. Very Sparse Piano

Science Fiction

Instrumentals and loops for science fiction and space themed games, including some extended synth ambiences for exploring planets and deep space.

  • John Leonard French
    Surface Exploration Preview
    John Leonard French Surface Exploration Preview
    151. Surface Exploration
  • John Leonard French
    Space Station Slow Preview
    John Leonard French Space Station Slow Preview
    107. Space Station Slow
  • John Leonard French
    Lunar Ambience Preview
    John Leonard French Lunar Ambience Preview
    104. Lunar Ambience
  • John Leonard French
    Planet Title Preview
    John Leonard French Planet Title Preview
    150. Planet Title


Fantasy and medieval music for historic villages, ancient settings and strange, forgotten worlds in a traditional orchestral style.

  • John Leonard French
    The Bazaar Preview
    John Leonard French The Bazaar Preview
    040. The Bazaar
  • John Leonard French
    Ethnic Textures Preview
    John Leonard French Ethnic Textures Preview
    154. Ethnic Textures
  • John Leonard French
    Nordic Landscape Preview
    John Leonard French Nordic Landscape Preview
    142. Nordic Landscape
  • John Leonard French
    Open Exploring Preview
    John Leonard French Open Exploring Preview
    076. Open Exploring

Combat & Action

Combat and action background music for close fights, large battles and all kinds of danger. Including orchestral epics, boss music and modern styles for sneaking, espionage and tactical warfare.

  • John Leonard French
    Rising Danger Preview
    John Leonard French Rising Danger Preview
    195. Rising Danger
  • John Leonard French
    Combat Percussion Preview
    John Leonard French Combat Percussion Preview
    134. Combat Percussion
  • John Leonard French
    Enemies Preview
    John Leonard French Enemies Preview
    096. Enemies
  • John Leonard French
    Modern Dark Loop Preview
    John Leonard French Modern Dark Loop Preview
    148. Modern Dark Loop
“A lot of the music assets I’ve found in the asset store have left me very underwhelmed. This asset has done the opposite. Every track is excellent. I’m very impressed.”ScourgeGames
“For Anyone Who Lacks The Skills or Knowledge to make their own music this is the best Asset money can buy for music in games.”Realluther
“The amount of music is insane! I absolutely love it. You’ve ticked all my boxes.”IrishJohnGaming

Unique variety

Choose a unique sound from hundreds of musical ideas and get fresh tracks via regular free updates

Ultimate Game Music is designed to be flexible and varied, combining more than 200 unique compositions into a huge library of musical ideas that’s constantly being updated with fresh tracks, new ideas and sounds that haven’t been heard before.

“Usually with music packs you worry about it sounding generic, but not with this pack…”
– Shags (Unity Asset Store Customer)

Made for games

Seamless loops, multiple edits and optimised for mobile

Not all music is right for games, but Ultimate Game Music was designed only for games, which means music that loops seamlessly, music that works if you drop it on a menu screen, or a puzzle or in an open world and, if you use it on mobile, it’ll work there too.

I have gotten several compliments on the music choices and I’m just pulling sounds and music from this single asset.”
– Hyren123 (Unity Asset Store Customer)

Royalty free and YouTube safe

Use music everywhere, hassle free

Using music should be simple and easy, so Ultimate Game Music keeps it that way. Use music in your commercial game and every game you make after it. Use it in videos, in trailers and on YouTube, without fear of Content ID claims, all under one, simple licence.

Size on Disk 4.53GB
No. Tracks 218
No. Files 473
File Format WAV
Bit Depth / Sample Rate 44.1khz / 16bit
    Size on Disk 4.27GB
    No. Tracks 207
    No. Files 456
    File Format WAV
    Bit Depth / Sample Rate 44.1khz / 16bit

    Ultimate Game Music

    Royalty Free Video Game Music Library


    14 Day Refund Policy
    If you don’t love it, I’ll refund it.


    What can I do with this music?

    You can use this music in your commercial game, in apps, in videos and other digital media. This includes personal and commercial, profit making projects.

    Example EULA

    Can I use this music in non-game projects, such as videos or podcasts?

    Yes you can. Ultimate Game Music is designed for games but you may also find the range of music useful for other creative projects as well.

    Can I sell my game with this music in?


    Will I have to pay any other fees or royalties by using this music?

    No. When you buy Ultimate Game Music, you get a licence to use it in your projects. The licence lasts forever, you never have to pay further fees or royalties.

    Are there any restrictions?

    You cannot redistribute or re-sell the music on its own, it must be used in a project, for example the background music in a game.

    If I make a game with this music in, will I still have full ownership of that game?

    Yes. Anything you make is 100% owned by you. Using Ultimate Game Music doesn’t change that.

    Can I use this music on YouTube?

    Yes you can and this includes monetised videos. You will never get a copyright claim if you use this music in a video on YouTube. This includes when the music appears in videos about your game, such as reviews, trailers, gameplay videos etc.

    Will I get free updates in the future?

    Yes you will. Ultimate Game Music is regularly updated to include new music in new styles. When a new update is released you’ll be notified by email (unless you choose to opt out).

    Will you edit a track for me?

    If you’ve found a track that’s nearly perfect, but you want something changed then this is usually something I will be able to do for you quickly and for free. All you have to do is contact me with the details.

    I have a support request?

    Try my dedicated support page, or contact me for for assistance.