Professional music for every game you make

Ultimate Game Music is a massive, multi-purpose library of musical tracks, short cues and seamless loops created for use in video game development.

Choose from hundreds of purpose-made audio assets, ready to drag and drop into any game project.

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professional music for every game you make

Ultimate Game Music is a comprehensive library of musical tracks, short cues and seamless loops created solely for video game development.

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Music for Any Game

Ultimate Game Music is a comprehensive game music library for independent developers.
It’s aim, to help you quickly prototype and trial musical ideas for your game, using music that’s good enough to ship in your finished product. Containing  over 200 unique loops, tracks and musical cues, Ultimate Game Music has something for every project.

Indie Game Developers

You’ll Know The Right Music for Your Game When You Hear it

You know your game better than anyone, and you’ll know the perfect music when you hear it. Ultimate Game Music helps you to quickly and easily try out musical ideas without searching around, saving you time and money.

Get More Than You Expect, With Regular Free Content Updates

Expect new content in your inbox regularly. Each free update brings fresh tracks and new styles to the Collection*. Since launching, the Collection has more than doubled in size and it’s only getting bigger!

What’s Been Added So Far

  • Extra Enemy Music & Combat Loops
  • Space & Science Fiction Ambience
  • Wasteland Ambiences
  • More Casual Tracks & Loops
  • A Full Suite of Short Musical Effects
  • Themed Cinematic Ambience, Trailer Tracks & Loops
  • Ambient Textures & Background Tracks
  • Horror Scares, Tense Ambient Loops and Dark Ambiences

What’s Planned Next

  • More Casual Music in Different Styles (e.g. Electronic)
  • Cinematic Synthetic Tracks (like this one)
  • High Energy Tracks (e.g. for Racing Games)

* Style requests are always welcome and always listened to. Want to see something specific? All you have to do is ask and you’ll see it in a future update.

Family Playing Video Games

Make a Better Game

Make your good game, even better with high quality music. With a wide selection to choose from, you won’t have to compromise on choice or quality. Every loop is seamless, every track is professionally mixed and mastered and each is provided as an uncompressed 16bit/44.1 khz Wav file, ready to import, compress or edit as you see fit.

No Content ID or DRM

YouTube friendly with absolutely no Content ID or other digital rights management. Add music to your trailer, stream your gameplay, share it all with the world. You’ll never see a copyright warning for a track from Ultimate Game Music.

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