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Many of you have asked me if you’re allowed to use my game music products, such as Ultimate Game Music, in videos you publish on Youtube.

So, to answer your most commonly asked questions, and to provide some general guidance, I’ve written this quick guide to using my music on YouTube.

Can I use your game music products in videos on YouTube?

Yes you can.

If you’ve purchased one of my stock music products, the licence terms for the Unity Asset Store, Unreal Marketplace and any purchases made directly (via Gumroad) all allow you to use my music in videos and trailers as well as incidental use in gameplay footage.

For your own peace of mind, feel free to check the licence terms of your marketplace here:

Direct Download EULA:

Unity Asset Store EULA:

Unreal Marketplace EULA:

Will I receive copyright claims when using your music on YouTube?

No, and this is very important to me.

For all of my stock music products, you should never receive a copyright claim from another channel when posting videos to YouTube that include my music.

I do not submit my stock music products to YouTube Content ID, or to any service that would do so on my behalf, so that you can continue to post videos, that include my music, without fear of a copyright claim.

Content ID is a system that automatically matches and protects copyrighted content that’s used on YouTube. As the copyright holder for every stock music track I sell, you will never receive a copyright claim from me for using my music as it’s intended to be used.

In the unlikely event that you do receive a copyright claim on one of your videos, it will be in error and likely from a channel that’s unassociated with me, it will most likely be a false positive or an honest mistake by another user.

This is extremely rare and very unlikely to ever happen.

If, however, it does happen. Don’t worry. A copyright claim is not the same as a copyright strike, it was probably generated automatically based on the content in your video and it’s easy to resolve.

Here’s what to do if you receive a copyright claim.

1. Check the details of the claim

The Content ID system often makes mistakes, so be sure to check exactly what material is being flagged, and who by. It may be a simple mistake or a false positive.

2. Contact me for assistance

I don’t want anyone who’s using my music legally to get a claim against their video but, if they do, then I’ll help you to deal with it. This is something I take very seriously and if there’s any support that I can offer in dealing with the claim, then you will have it.

Email [email protected] with the details of your claim and I’ll assist you.

3. File a dispute

The most appropriate method for dealing with an incorrect claim is to file a dispute. You’ll be asked to select a reason for your dispute, simply select the option ‘I have a licence or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material’. In this case the proper rights holder is me, and your licence / permission is the EULA you received when purchasing from the Unity Asset Store, Unreal Marketplace or from me directly.

Known issues and fixes

Although extremely rare, issues can occasionally occur.

Below you’ll find a log of any known issues when using my music on YouTube, and what solutions have been put in place to fix them.

Planet Title (False Positive – RESOLVED)

Affects: Planet Title and Planet Title Loop from Ultimate Game Music.

Issue: Planet Title includes a section that has been incorrectly matched with a different, similar sounding, track, leading to a claim being automatically raised when it’s used on YouTube.

Solution: To avoid this issue, use the updated version: Planet Title V2, which is available in v1.9.2 of Ultimate Game Music or directly from me on request (email [email protected]).